December 11, 2023

Grip socks are a great aid for any athlete as they can improve their balance & stability allowing them to react quicker to the situation at hand. They are often worn by gymnasts & dancers as well as those who practice yoga or other martial arts. Grip socks are made with a non-slip surface on the bottom which can be rubber or silicone in material. This helps them grip the floor or mat to prevent slipping during movement, especially on difficult or uneven surfaces.

The best grip socks are designed to feel like an extension of your foot & will be comfortable against the skin despite being sweaty and active. They are usually made from a soft and breathable material which allows air to circulate within the sock. This keeps feet cool, dry and sweat-free allowing you to perform at your peak for longer periods of time without worrying about blisters.

Using grip socks also reduces the amount of contact between your foot & ground, meaning you are less likely to come into direct contact with dirt and bacteria that could lead to infections. This can be a great advantage for sports such as football where the feet tend to be exposed to lots of contact with the ground.

To wear grip socks while playing you simply add them on top of your normal football or sport sock & then tape them together using either sock tape or cohesive sock wrap, which can be colour matched to your team sock colours. It’s generally advised that you don’t use a brand of grip sock which isn’t the same as your team socks, as it can look odd when you go over to refereeing if they aren’t a perfect match. athletic grip socks

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