October 2, 2023

About the arden

The arden is an area of land in antiquity and into the medieval period that included much of Warwickshire, parts of Shropshire and Staffordshire and now includes the town Henley-in-Arden and the village of Coleshill. It was the name for a group of royal forests subject to forest law, such as Sutton Park in the Anglo-Saxon era and Feckenham Forest in the early Norman era.

It is also the name of the village of Arden, a single-tax community founded in 1900 with influences from Henry George, the Arts and Crafts movement and the Garden City movement (see Georgist philosophy). The Ardens include the town of Ardentown and the village of Ardencroft, and the hamlet of Henley-in-Arden. Half the property in the village is forests and greens, which are not taxed.

This village has a long tradition of supporting the arts. It is a popular location for theatre companies and producers from New York, London and beyond. The Arden is also a short walk or bike ride to Weill Cornell Medical College and to Hunter College, and is near a number of world-class transportation options.

The Arden’s annual fair, the 111th in its history, is set for Saturday, Sept. 1 at the 450-acre Arden House, a stately mansion on top of Mount Orama in Harriman, NY. The holistic exposition features speakers, vendors and performers. Its a great time to bring the kids.

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